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August 27, 2005

New functionality: SkypeCard and on-line/off-line status

Skype_cardHé did you see this new functionality? On the right bar? No. Please give it look and try. I mean this nice SkypeCard. Click on it and will see....
An interactive businesscard showing my on-line/off-line status and all my contactdetails from IM, email, Skype to address and phone. And guess what? If you click on the Skype Me button, you will give me a call! If you have Skype of course. The same goes for IM and email. The phonenumbers are just their for being complete, but do not work (I think) unless you have Skype Out .
The Skype Card button gives the on-line/off-line/busy status of Skype, so you can see if I am present or better behind my computer ;-) 

What technology did I use for this? Jyve tag. Give a look on that Skype developers zone. Just download a piece of program (your internetpresence thing), create a Skype Card with your details and paste a html-line on your webpage. You can paste that code on every webpage you like. I think it should even be possibel to use it in your Outlook signature. I am also give it a try on the Tulip Computers website on the weblog page.

JyveThe Jyve program is a stay-resident program for your internet presence which you gives you control over your on-line presence.

"What is a Jyve Tag? A Jyve Tag is a snippet of HTML code that you can copy-paste into any web page. This snippet of code produces a live Skype Button which shows your current Skype status. This enables you to show your presence on any web page. If this button is clicked, it launches your Jyve-Card."

Do you like it? Let me know.

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This functionality is pretty good, Hans.

I've been using Jyve for some while and I have the Skype online/offline presence indicator on my blog, but that's all.

I'm not displaying the level of detail in a Skypecard, though. I guess it really depends on what you're comfortable with in making available information about yourself openly on the net.

Hans Mestrum

Ah that's your online/offline status! I did not know it was the same. Yes you are right about openess on the internet. Let's see what will happen with my SkypeCard.

Hans Mestrum

You can see it in place on:

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