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July 14, 2005

Strange behaviour of Technorati. David are you listening?

Strange! My postings do not show up anymore in Technorati. Also the postings of Maarten do not. I saw this some days ago when I posted the first Blogstorm post. Tagged with the blogstorm tag. It does not show up. Not in the search of blogstorm not on the tag blogstorm. It even gets stranger when you see that other postings of marketingfacts, polskaya and coolz0r do show up. I sent the guys of support of Technorati an email.
Then I got an email from someone with this: Technorati and the inevitable sadness of death. Pppfff. David Sifry of Technorati replied and posted this on his blog. Ok David is listening, but why do my postings not show up, David? See my reply on the Blogherald.

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Hans Mestrum

I must say: David is listening! He responded half an hour later by email and now we are working on a solution. He also passed my info to his dev team and will come back with an answer. Yes he is really listening. Great!

Kevin Marks

It is fixed now; we are indexing you again. Apologies for the hiatus.

Hans Mestrum

When can I see the results?


Can you explain how it was fixed? I am having weird indexing problems, and have gotten no response from the guys at Technorati. See

Hans Mestrum

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