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June 24, 2005 direc.tor

DirecttorSomethingtimes you find tools which are very useful and easy. This is one of them: direc.tor. I am using tagging in very much and with this browsing tool it is easy to navigate. It is delivering a high-performance AJAX web service broker.

" direc.tor is a prototype for an alternative web-based rich UI for It leverages the XML and XSL services of modern browsers to deliver a responsive interface for managing user accounts with a large number of records.
The main features are:
* In-browser handling of bookmarks (tested up to 12,000 records)
* Find-as-you-type searching of all your bookmarks, with basic search operators
* Sort by description, tags, or timestamp
* Ad-hoc tag browser"

Just a bookmark which changes your screen into a browser version. But think of the concept behind it. Very powerfull. Here is a picture of it.


hat tip Loosewire!

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Fred Zelders

Dank voor deze tip!

Mickel Langeveld


Did you by any change actually take a look at Autofocus made by Aduna? Same concept but with automatic tagging, not manually. ->

with regards,


Mike direc.tor is pretty neat. Thanks for pointing out this cool new site. I just discovered blinklist and I am not a fan. I use it to save all of my bookmarks and also to discover new links. It is on steroids. I like what they have done over there! The site needs work but it is brand new and looks very promising.

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